12 Jul 2011

Anonymous strikes military contractor

In the latest attack in its AntiSec campaign against government and corporate websites, hacker group Anonymous infiltrated United States defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton on "Military Meltdown Monday," July 11.

Announcing the computer security breach on The Pirate Bay website, Anonymous described Booz Allen Hamilton's internet defenses as surprisingly shoddy, and said it was easy to access a server and begin "plundering some booty." The "booty" includes about 90,000 email addresses Anonymous posted on The Pirate Bay. The group also claimed it erased 4 gigabytes of source code from the Booz Allen Hamilton system.

Agence France Presse reports that while some dismiss the stolen information as inconsequential, computer security professionals are concerned the email addresses could be used in phishing attacks that would further compromise the networks of Booz Allen Hamilton or related organizations.

This type of phishing attack, in which a seemingly official and trustworthy but actually malicious email is sent to workers at a targeted company, has been blamed for a spate of recent hacks, including those at a number of U.S. Department of Energy laboratories.