14 Mar 2011

Anonymous promises further attacks

The hacker group Anonymous recently declared attacks on major U.S. corporations and government officials.

MSNBC’s Michael Isikoff was granted an exclusive interview with 29-year-old Barrett Brown, a self-proclaimed “propagandist” for Anonymous. Brown insists the group only attacks establishments that have committed wrongdoings.

Brown also stated he is not involved with any of the actually hacking attacks, but advises the group with implementing strategies.

Anonymous has been responsible for attacks on the MasterCard and Visa websites, in response to the companies’ decision to stop serving WikiLeaks. The group has also claimed responsibility for attacking government websites in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

“Our people break laws, just like all people break laws,” said Brown. “When we break laws, we do it in the service of civil disobedience. We do so ethically. We do it against targets that have asked for it.”

This brand of cyber warfare is affecting countries all around the world. South Korea reported 40 websites in the country were recently attacked by a virus. Meanwhile, the France finance ministry reportedly had 150 workstations compromised by hackers seeking to steal information about the G20 summit.