26 Jul 2011

Anonymous offshoot collects info on 96,000 Austrian bank accounts

The account information for about 96,000 Austrian bank accounts appears to have been obtained by the internet hacking group Anonymous after it hacked into the website of the country's television license agency.

In all, some 214,000 files were reportedly stolen in the attack by what appears to be a Austrian offshoot of the Anonymous group calling itself AnonAustria. The website Monsters and Critics reports that a statement from AnonAustria says the attack was meant to send a message about the lack of security.

"Such sensitive data must not be stored over many years and must not be so easily available to everyone," the group said, according to the site.

In a story about AnonAustria last week, the Austrian Independent reported that an unnamed member of the group told the Kurier newspaper that members of the organization included civil servants and military personnel.

Although alleged members of Anonymous were rounded on both sides of the Atlantic recently, the group hasn't slowed down in its attacks, especially in Europe. Last week CBS News reported that the group was still downloading information from NATO servers and another attack targeted the cybercrime unit of the Italian police.