06 Jan 2014

Anonymous Mexico Vandalizes Gov’t Websites with Hitler Moustaches and F-Bombs

The international hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a series of attacks on Mexican municipal government sites in protest against central government policy, pasting Hitler moustaches and other derogatory images on photos of officials and calling on Mexicans to “Wake Up.”

The group hacked some 24 government sites, according to a list posted on Pastebin, a site often used by hackers to relate their exploits. Affected sites included those of the municipalities of Villa Guerrero, Tejupilco, Capulhuac and others.

Many of the sites were vandalized with “F*** the Government” in English, plus Spanish–language messages decrying government privatization. Statements scrawled across home pages included “We Are Anonymous,” “Wake Up Mexico” and “Your Government is Trying to F*** You.” Hitler moustaches and other graffiti were pasted on top of photos of Mexican officials.

This is the latest in a series of cyber-attacks targeting Mexico’s government authorities.