29 Feb 2012

Anonymous member explains group's strategy

In an interview with CNET's Elinor Mills, one member of hacking collective Anonymous looked to answer a few questions as to why they work the way they do. Although everyday web users and small businesses may fear being victimized by the group, the Anon member says the collective mostly targets agencies that consider themselves "above the law and willing to put ethics aside in order to make money."

"There is a moral obligation for those who see injustices being committed by individuals who are purely driven by greed," the Anonymous member said. "The people of Bhopal had no chance against the sheer amount of money that was to be spent on silencing those who suffered from having justice that was due, or even a voice. Today their voices have been heard across the world and the perpetrators exposed. This is worth risking everything for."

The member of Anonymous said every target is special and said the group is hoping to show the power of protest, no matter the situation.

CNET said in an earlier story that Anonymous will take to "Occupy the Vote 2012," which will look to fight against bills such as the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, with internet security breaches and other attacks.