13 Feb 2012

Anonymous looks to attack Boston Police again

All hands may have to be on deck to protect the internet security of the Boston Police Department, as the infamous internet hacking collective known as Anonymous may look to once again attack the BPD's website.

The website was attacked about a week ago after the Occupy Boston protesters were removed from the city's Dewey Square. The website featured a video of KRS-one rapping about police brutality after it was hacked.

“Normally I sleep pretty well. But since the site went down, I haven’t slept a wink,’’ Deputy Superintendent Colm Lydon told the Boston Globe. Thus far, no one has been charged in the hacking, which remains under investigation.

The department's temporary solution was to redirect individuals who tried to access the website to the BPD's Facebook page.

The Globe said this isn't the first time Anonymous has tried to attack the  BPD. In October 2011, the hacking group took responsibility for posting 1,000 email addresses online belonging to Boston officers. The BPD may need to look into improving internet security to help quell these attacks.