04 Dec 2013

Anonymous Honduras Attacks Government Sites

Some high-profiles sites have been breached by Anonymous Honduras to protest the presidential elections of November 2013, according to Softpedia.

Important sites were rendered unavailable, including the Secretary for Security (seguridad.gob.hn), Interpol Honduras (Interpol.gob.hn), the National Police (policianacional.gob.hn) and the Superintendent of Public Private Partnership (sapp.gob.hn), the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (tse.hn), and the Innovation and Unity Party (pinusd.hn).

The hacktivist group left a message accusing political leaders of rigging the elections and manipulating the media.

Anonymous also encourages citizens to protest peacefully and to help demonstrate the alleged fraud by submitting any piece of evidence to blackophn.blogspot.com.

This is the latest in a series of attacks claimed by Anonymous Honduras regarding the presidential elections. In October, the websites of the United Nations in Honduras and of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were hacked and people were urged to vote.