15 Aug 2011

Anonymous hacks BART

Hacker group Anonymous has struck again. This time, the target was the MyBART website run by San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system, which was compromised on the afternoon of August 14, when Anonymous collected personal information of about 2,000 BART customers from the website and posted the data online.

On its AnonOps Communications blog, Anonymous claimed responsibility for the hack and said "OpBART" was a response to BART's recent cell phone service shut down for the downtown San Francisco underground public transportation zone. Anonymous compared BART officials to Egyptian and Tunisian authorities that "gagged" political protesters earlier this year.

An Anonymous member told ABC7, the San Francisco ABC affiliate, the attack was undertaken by hackers located around the world, who accessed an admin account and exported a database. The source said the group is also attempting to compromise the BART.gov site, but has so far been unsuccessful.

BART has been contacting the victims of the hack, whose names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were posted online.

Some members of Anonymous recently announced they would attack Facebook on November 5. The threat was discredited by posts on the AnonOps blog, but some computer security experts think a faction of Anonymous is still working on the hack.