06 Apr 2012

Anonymous Hacked Almost 500 Chinese Government Sites

Anonymous hacked more than 480 Chinese in its first high-profile campaign against China, the group said on Pastebin, a site popular with hackers. Some sites are still struggling to recover from this week’s hits.

The activist cyber-warfare group also urged the Chinese people - especially those with computer skills - to join its cause.

“Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall,” read the message posted on the home page for Chengdu’s business district. “What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you. With no mercy”, wrote the hacktivist group, quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous has refrained from major attacks on China in the past, which is “somewhat strange given the government’s hardline stance on web censorship and human rights - two issues guaranteed to get (Anonymous’) attention”, said The Register. The Anonymous campaign against China seems to have fallen short of its aim. It managed to hack mainly small regional sites, which didn’t put much pressure on Communist authorities.

In addition, all Anonymous messages were posted in English. According to the latest official statistics, only 0.83 per cent of the Chinese population speaks English. The hacktivists are trying to recruit Chinese translators on Twitter.

The snowball started to roll after the government got the hang of blocking users’ access to various social media platforms. Censorship was motivated by a fear of politically sensitive information being spread on Facebook and Twitter.