05 Jul 2011

Anonymous fires warning shot in Apple's direction

Hacker group Anonymous infiltrated Apple during the Fourth of July weekend, and released 27 usernames and passwords for one of the company's websites. Reuters reports the breached website was offline as of July 5.

In a July 3 tweet, Anonymous cautioned that this small intrusion was meant as a warning shot, and Apple could become a more serious target in the group's AntiSec campaign. AntiSec was started by members of Anonymous and the recently disbanded hacker collective LulzSec, with the aim of exploiting government and corporate websites.

According to CNET, Apple's huge store of iTunes user data could be a particularly attractive prize for AntiSec, though it appears this initial infiltration only compromised a server used for conducting technical support follow-up surveys.

A recent survey showed hackers are increasingly going after Apple products due to their growing popularity. This spring, Mac users were targeted by a phishing scheme that lured victims into buying bogus antivirus software. A June report warned that though Apple's iOS mobile operating system is more secure than other mobile platforms, it is not immune to attack, especially since mobile devices are often linked to home and office computing networks, making them vulnerable to breaches of those systems.