22 Nov 2012

Anonymous’ Cyber-attacks against Israel Continue

Anonymous continues hacking spree against Israeli officials and publications known to be sympathizers of the Israeli cause. Numerous lists with names and addresses of alleged Israel sympathizers surface on the internet.

The hacker group announced on Twitter last week the commencement of a hack operation – OpIsrael – meant as a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza. After defacing and taking offline numerous Israeli websites, the group set its crosshairs on Israeli officials and their supporters.

A Pastebin post a few days ago unveiled a list of individuals suspected to have made contributions to pro-Israel organizations, such as the Unity Coalition for Israel. The document includes names, home addresses and phone numbers of supposed donators while another file posted here appears to be an e-mail announcement list including e-mail addresses of officials from the White House, Senate, and the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

The Anonymous hacking campaign continued with further defacement actions against some 600 websites, including high profile targets such as the Bank of Jerusalem and Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs all listed online

"When the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all Internet and other telecommunications into and out of Gaza, they crossed a line in the sand," Anonymous said.  “Operation Israel will not stop until Israel makes valid and successful efforts to begin peace talks with Palestine; delivers humanitarian aid for the civilians they have wounded; and provides reparations to the families of the Gazan children they have slaughtered.”