29 Feb 2012

Anonymous claims responsibility for hacking Ontario police

In what appears to be an attack against the Canadian government's proposed internet surveillance bill, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for ran attack on the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. The internet security breach is what the group claims to be a "database leak," revealing names, emails and passwords for administrators on the websites.

"I can ensure citizens of this province that police will continue to provide opinions to lawmakers on this and any other piece of legislation that comes forward that affects policing in this province," Joe Couto, spokesperson for the OACP, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "We pulled our site down so it's not accessible. It appears this was really meant to embarrass, to send a message to Ontario's police leaders."

According to the CBC, police chiefs across Canada supported the bill, saying it would help fight child pornography, but there has been some public outcry against the bill, highlighted by Anonymous' hack.

CTV Ottawa said there was a similar attack on the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association, as their data was posted online as well after an internet security breach. These websites should strengthen security in an effort to make these leaks less frequent.