21 Mar 2012

Androids still most popular mobile device for hacking

Hackers have been having a field day with many Android users, and at the Black Hat Europe conference this past week, researchers said they have no reason to believe that this trend will stop any time soon. Android users should invest in a good antivirus program to make sure their device stays as safe as possible.

"Android definitely has a bad future in front of them, they going to keep being exploited," according to Dan Guido, a researcher at Trail of Bits, according to ComputerWorld. He added that there is no evidence that malware authors have been trying to go after Apple's operating system, but jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad can mean it is susceptible to viruses.

Researchers at the event said even though Android is still the preferable smartphone to the iPhone, malware makers are still looking to go after this phone due to how many people own them. There is also a higher risk of being caught by Apple's app store since it costs $99 to sign up and provide information about themselves, including their real identity.

PhoneArena said many of the Andorid bugs that happen are found on social networking websites such as Facebook. People who use these phones should invest in mobile antivirus software to keep their phone and information as safe as possible.