09 Mar 2012

Android market has a lot of bogus security software

People looking for mobile antivirus software may want to do some research before they make a purchase or start using a free service, as a report by AV-Test, a German antivirus test lab, shows that only a few actually live up to protecting a phone from viruses, malware and other maladies of the internet.

AV-Test looked at 41 free and paid services for security on the Android market and found most did little or nothing to help protect against devices, but said there are many that do work for mobile users.

“Products with a (malware) detection rate between 90 percent and 65 percent are still very good and could move to the top range depending on changes to the tested malware set," according to the company. "Some of these products just miss one or two malware families, which might be not prevalent in certain environments anyway."

Before looking to buy a mobile antivirus program for Android, iPhone or any other type of smartphone, people should do their own legwork on which program will work and which program will do little to protect their phone. Over the next year, mobile internet security breaches are expected to increase, so people should be as prepared as possible.