20 Oct 2011

Amy Winehouse fans targeted by virus

Fans of the late singer Amy Winehouse were targeted by a hacker who tried to get them to download a computer virus, according to news sources. Everyone surfing the web needs to have an antivirus program up and running to avoid scams such as this.

The hacker tried to get fans to download an unreleased song by Winehouse, but instead the link sent the fans to a virus. The hacker took over Winehouse's god daughter Dionne Bromfield's Twitter account and sent the link out to her 62,000 followers on the social media website. The message with the link said “One of my Unreleased Tracks Feat Amy Winehouse Download Here.”

Bromfield took her account back and told her followers not to be duped by the scam, telling them that she has been hacked. She said not to click any links on her page until things were sorted out.

A survey by the Poneman Institute called Canadian Survey on Social Media risks said that more than 51 percent of respondents said there was an increase in malware on their company's computers due to social media websites such as Twitter.