15 Mar 2012

Americans can be alerted when personal information leaks

Much like in real life, nothing is ever really truly safe online, but internet security experts now have a system set up to alert Americans when sensitive information of theirs, such as Social Security numbers and banking information, has been leaked or put in the hands of cyber criminals.

AllClear ID will offer identity fraud protection services to customers who have been exposed by viruses and other malware online. Whole data breaches are rarely harmful to customers in the end, there are still things such as phishing and email malware scams which can be extremely harmful for some one's personal life.

"When a customer's data is found to have been stolen, AllClear ID calls the customer to tell them what data was compromised and what they should do," Elinor Mills writes on CNET. "If they don't answer, the service will leave a message, send an email and the app lights up with an alert. There is also general information about privacy problems with apps and mobile devices that is available on the app's home page."

The program has access to global sources, such as National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance, that can help users know when there was an internet security breach and possible stolen personal information. This could help save a lot of headaches in the long-run.