28 Aug 2013

Amazon Hiccup Affects Instagram, Netflix and Vine

An Amazon data center suffered a software glitch, causing page load issues or content update lag at websites such as Instagram, Vine, Heroku, Flipboard and Netflix and other web services that depend on Amazon’s cloud- based network. Some websites were thrown offline altogether while others only slowed down.  

The problem was caused by a “partial failure of a networking device” in a data center in Northern Virginia, according to an Amazon statement. It seems the device could no longer sustain the workload. Amazon added that most websites were back online in less than half an hour.

The issues began around 16:00 Eastern time (21:00 GMT) and continued for several hours, in which time a lot of people experienced problems accessing some web services that use Amazon’s data centers, BBC reports.

Amazon blamed a combination of problems that affected their databases, code controlling their core computers and the software that pushes queries across the servers.

Some affected services warned customers via their social networking accounts. Instagram, for instance, used Twitter to reach their customer base with the following message:"We know many of you are having trouble loading Instagram. We identified the issue and are working to fix it ASAP. Thanks for holding on."