03 Dec 2013

Almost 700 Online Counterfeit Sites Shut in International Operation

Almost 700 domains selling counterfeit merchandise were seized in a joint operation by 10 law enforcement agencies from eight countries, led by Europol and the US Homeland Security Investigations.

“Project In Our Sites - Transatlantic 3 is a sustained law enforcement initiative that began more than three years ago to protect consumers by targeting the sale of counterfeit merchandise on the Internet,” Europol writes a press release.

As a result, 297 domain names were confiscated in the US and 393 were closed with help from Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. A total of 2,550 bogus domains have been seized since the operation began in June 2010.

“This operation is another good example of how transatlantic law enforcement cooperation works. It sends a signal to criminals that they should not feel safe anywhere,” says Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol.

The domain names are now owned by the governments involved in the operation. Visitors trying to access the websites will see a banner with information about the seizure and copyright infringement.