02 May 2014

Alleged Anonymous Hacker Faces 440 Years in Prison for Cyber-Stalking and 14,000 Hack Attempts

An alleged Anonymous member faces a maximum sentence of 440 years in prison after being indicted with 18 counts of cyber-stalking on top of earlier offenses, according to an FBI press release.

Fidel Salinas, a 27 year-old Texan, was indicted for intent to harass and intimidate a female victim, on top of previous charges related to hacking attempts against county, school and newspaper organizations. In total, he faces 44 charges and a maximum sentence of 10 years for each.

The FBI arrested Salinas in September 2013 as a result of a two-year investigation.

 “Salinas allegedly participated in an online chat room for the Operation Anti-Security faction of Anonymous and attempted to enter the IRC Operations server for Anonymous,” the press release states. “According to the charges, after his alleged attempt to hack his way into the Hidalgo County web server, he posted a profanity-laced rant on his Facebook page that ended with a quote used by Anonymous members: “We do not forgive, we do not forget, divide by zero we fall, expect us.”

The hacker is accused of more than 14,000 hacking attempts on the Hidalgo County administration web site causing more than $10,000 in damages. He is also charged with “attempting to hack into and damage computer servers belonging to Hidalgo County, the La Joya School District, and The Monitor over the course of five days in 2011-2012 and causing thousands of dollars in loss as a result.”