30 Jun 2011

Al-Qaida hacked, possibly by government

Al-Qaida's internet communications channels were severely disrupted by hackers this week, according to a June 28 NBC News report.

The news source quoted Evan Kohlmann, a senior partner at global security firm Flashpoint, who said the hack was complex and effective, having targeted every one of the terrorist group's internet sites.

Kohlmann said it could take days for al-Qaida to reestablish the sites. He also postulated the operation was executed by a government such as the U.K., which last year infiltrated an al-Qaida site and replaced bomb-making instructions with a cupcake recipe.

While no nation has claimed responsibility, U.S. leaders, beleagured by a spate of computer security breaches of government agencies and institutions, are sure to be cheered that an enemy organization's network has been compromised.

Al-Qaida's former leader, Osama bin Laden, was killed in a raid on his compound in Pakistan in May. In that operation, U.S. Navy SEALS seized computers, thumb drives, disks and other electronic equipment which is currently being examined.