06 Jan 2012

Advanced security threats loom in 2012

While 2011 was a year with increased security attacks, 2012 may see even more viruses and malware being thrown at businesses and users on their smartphones and PCs. Motley Fool contributor Dawn Kawamoto writes on DailyFinance that advanced mobile threats and more are imminent, which means people should make sure to shore up their antivirus software.

"Attackers will improve their craft with an eye toward launching mobile banking attacks," she writes, saying mobile viruses are the top threat of the year. "For example, consumers may eventually see SpyEye and Zeus, two Trojan banking attacks, migrate from the computer to the smartphone."

Other big threats this year include hacktivism - or hackers looking to take down businesses large and small - cyberwar groups looking to show off their new tools, rogue security certificates, and threats to virtual currency such as online banking and payment systems.

A post on Broadband Expert said iPhones and other Apple devices are currently safer because the Mac operating system is in smaller supply, but they could become more vulnerable. Users should get mobile antivirus software for their phone as soon as they can.