06 Jun 2011

Active hacker group targets FBI

Following recent attacks on Sony, Nintendo, and PBS, the hacker group known as LulzSec has compromised the FBI-affiliated, Atlanta-based company InfraGard.

In a statement on its website, LulzSec characterized its latest hack as a response to the recent announcement by the U.S. government that it would reserve the right to treat computer sabotage as an act of war.

However, it is unclear what political point LulzSec hoped to make. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out that the group’s mission statement, as published on their website, positions them as a group of cyber-anarchists whose goal is to “spread fun, fun, fun.”

Information Week reports that extortion may have been another motivator. Karim Hijazi, an InfraGard employee and CEO/president of botnet monitoring startup firm Unveillance, told the news source that LulzSec requested money and information in return for keeping silent about sensitive information they harvested from his hacked accounts, in particular a report related to Libya’s cyberwarfare capabilities.

In its online statement regarding the InfraGard attack, LulzSec asserted that Hizaji actually offered the group payment. It presented this as evidence of the corruption of the whitehat computer security firms that aim to thwart the type of crime for which LulzSec is gaining increased notoriety. Discrediting these companies appears to be another of LulzSec’s main goals.