20 Oct 2011

About 72 percent of Chinese computers faced internet security attacks last year

According to a new survey by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre of China, 72 percent of computers experienced cyber attacks, reports the EconomicTimes' website. Users who have computers in China should have a good antivirus program running at all times.

As positive news, the virus ratio declined for the third consecutive year last year, the report says, although they still continue to expand in the mobile arena. Zhang Jian, deputy director of the center, said antivirus knowledge and the design of viruses for individual targets, such as banks and trading, have factored into the decrease.

The report also finds that 58 percent of the attacks occurred in mobile devices that have access to the internet, such as tablets, iPhones and iPads. That is up from 32 percent in 2010, according to the EconomicTimes.

Back in 2006, the same survey showed that 75 percent of computers in China experienced cyber attacks, with 54 percent of those surveyed experiencing internet security problems. The majority surveyed that year, 84 percent, experienced a virus.