24 Aug 2011

A Strong Security Suite Protects Travelers

However, all of that activity comes with an added risk. Protect your equipment with a powerful Internet security suite so that no matter where you have to be, your computer is right there with you.

If you spend more time in airports than in the office, you will have to use your laptop wherever you are to coordinate meetings and to get the job done. You will be reliant on the Internet service you get from café hotspots, airports, and your hotel. These public Wi-Fi locations make you vulnerable to new threats in addition to the ones you deal with on an everyday basis. The consequences of your computer slowing to a halt as you try to confirm your flight or address sensitive company and client information can be devastating. Make sure nothing can access your computer when you log on with a top-notch security suite.

With Bitdefender's Internet Security 2012, you can get online wherever you need without having to worry about who's watching. This enhanced security system includes a two-way firewall that keeps an eye on your connections and keeps anyone around you from accessing them. For travelers who have important information on their computers, the firewall is a priceless and essential defense for their systems. By ensuring the safety of your information, you protect your customers from having their information leaked, yourself from having your credit cards and company funds jeopardized, and your system from crashing, making you unable to do your job.       

When your laptop breaks down, it can wreak havoc on your business dealings and your schedule. With a quality security suite, you can make sure that nothing gets in the way of you doing your job…no matter where you are.