20 Apr 2012

Anti-Abortion Hacker Jailed, but Attacks on UK Pregnancy Advisory Service Continue

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides about 53,000 abortions in the UK each year, was attacked around 2.500 times since the hacker who stole women’s abortion records was arrested, the BBC  reports.

Though half of the IP addresses of the potential attacks came from the US, the computers aren’t necessarily in the States. Information about women registered online was protected, and the hacking attempts failed, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said. 

The copycat attempts happened since March, when 27-year-old James Jeffery was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. The former software engineer was accused of stealing around 10,000 records of women who registered with Britain's biggest abortion provider.

Jeffery said in Court he got cold feet before publishing the data, including names, email addresses and telephone numbers. He also said he acted after two women he knew had abortions that he disagreed with.

“This was one of the most extreme examples of anti-abortion activity we have seen,” BPAS Chief Executive Ann Furedi said at the time of the hacker’s sentencing. “We are grateful to the police for the swift action they took to apprehend Mr. Jeffery and are glad the matter is now resolved.”