18 Feb 2014

828 Gb of Data Allegedly Stolen From Las Vegas Sands

The hackers who breached the systems of Las Vegas Sands Corp published a video to prove they stole 828 Gb of data, according to Softpedia News. Several casino web sites owned by Las Vegas Sands were also defaced.

The hacking group Anti WMD Team breached and defaced the casino web sites after Las Vegas Corp's CEO Shelton Adelson publicly stated that the US should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran.

"It’s difficult to say if the large amount of files obtained by the Anti WMD Team contains any customer information, but it’s clear that the attackers had unrestricted access to at least some of Las Vegas Sands’ servers," the article said.

All files shown in the video seem related to the company's IT department as there are details of its IT systems and network passwords. Employee data may also have been exposed as 700 folders of user data are associated to individuals.

The alleged stolen data hasn't been uploaded online so far as the video shows the stored information on a local hard drive.

On Monday, Las Vegas Sands officials said the web sites and email systems were up and running again.

The Anti WMD Team also warned the company's CEO in the video's short description, as “this is the second alarm for bloody Sheldon Adelson” and this will “end in tears.”