27 Dec 2011

2011 saw more healthcare data breaches, higher use of mobile

With an influx of mobile devices and technology in the medical field over the past year, a bevy of data breaches were also seen. Government Health IT said there were massive-scale data breaches in IT areas of healthcare in 2011. Providers should look to shore up internet security in 2012 to make sure nothing bad happens to their business.

The news source said healthcare providers are looking into ways to insure their information to make sure it is safe even if there is some kind of data breach, especially with breaches costing more than ever for a variety of reasons.

"With large-scale data breaches, high response costs and multi million-dollar judgments in the news, companies - including healthcare providers - are eager to limit potential financial damage from data breaches," Government Health IT said. "Enter cyberliability insurance. Nearly 30 carriers offer this insurance, although not to the same degree of expertise and reliability."

Research from the Ponemon Institute cited by the website shows that the frequency of healthcare breaches has increased by 32 percent in the past year and cost an estimated $6.5 billion. Healthcare organizations should be sure to shore up internet security as soon as possible.