07 Mar 2014

12 Million Koreans Hit by KT Corp Data Breach; Korean Govt Investigating

Account information of 12 million customers of telecommunications company KT Corp customers was stolen in the second largest Korean data breach in history, according to The Register. The South Korean government launched an enquiry today into the incident.

Two hackers and the CEO of a telemarketing company were arrested by Incheon Metropolitan Police last week for allegedly infiltrating KT Corp’s servers and plundering private data.

“The data grab apparently went undetected by KT for an entire year with the suspects allegedly snatching up to 300,000 records in a single day,” the article said. “The nabbed details included names, registration numbers and bank account info.”

KT Corp has been apparently ordered by the telecoms ministry to inform customers of the incident. Also a web site will be set-up for customers to see if they have been affected by the breach.

This is the third major data breach that KT Corp has suffered in two years. The telco giant lost account information of 200,000 customers in March 2012 when staff of SK Telecom and KT sold it.

In July 2012, hackers stole account data of 8.7 million customers after a customer sales system breach. Since then, KT Corp ensured customers it will strengthen security to prevent further breaches.

This breach is the second-largest one in Korea’s history. In January, close to 20 million credit card owners had their credentials stolen by a contractor using a USB stick.