25 Jan 2012

'Frankenmalware' out in full force on the internet

Trojans, viruses and worms have always been a good reason for internet users to keep antivirus software running at all times, but it is now being reported that a new hybrid malware, referred to as "frankenmalware," has 10 million detected and malicious files out and about on the internet. There are reportedly 40,000 of these "malware sandwiches" out on the net.

"Ten years ago, there was a clear-cut distinction between Trojans, viruses and worms," Loredana Botezatu said on the MalwareCity blog. "They all had their own features specific to one family of malware only. As more people connected to the internet, cyber-criminals started mixing ingredients to maximize impact. And here I’m thinking Trojans with worm capabilities or viruses with Trojan features, and so on."

In this instance, a virus infected a worm. She said if this virus reaches a PC already compromised by a worm, the virus will infect the worm as well. Botezatu said the combined features of this "frakenmalware" could have a much greater impact than either creator initially intended.

Those who surf the web should have internet security up and running at all times in an effort to avoid malicious bugs such as this.