03 Feb 2012

'Drive-by' viruses can instantly infect computers

A good antivirus program should be able to let users know when they may be running into a dangerous page, but for those without a good program, "drive-by" emails and websites can instantly infect a user's computer, according to an article by Security News Daily.

"The new generation of email-borne malware consists of HTML e-mails [that] contain a JavaScript, which automatically downloads malware when the email is opened," said Berlin-based email security company Eleven.

This HTML-based exploit can have JavaScript infect the user instead of having them click on a link or attachment. Messages are full of HTML and can be dangerous upon first open instead of taking time to infect the user. Security News said the best way to get around this may be completely disabling HTML in emails, but this may be hard on users as the emails may not be readable at this point.

One such scam took place in April when Cindy Crawford's son Presley Walker Gerber's image was used to draw people to corrupt websites. To avoid or try to plan for things like this, antivirus software should be purchased and installed by internet users.