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World Premiere: BitDefender releases the first ever antivirus for Samba 3

November 2003

The file infectors return

File servers are set to become The Next Big Thing(tm) in the world of corporate networking, but it seems every technology brings a new threat with it.

Our marketing research studies indicate that file servers will replace mail servers in the role of most common commercial server application by the year 2007. And they probably won't be just any old fileservers. The latest open-source SMB-CIFS protocol implementation, also known as Samba should get the lion's share of the market. Samba 3 provides file and print sharing for hybrid Windows networks with Linux/Unix servers and support for Microsoft Active Directory.

In view of the recent EU open-source directive and the increasing number of corporate would-be desertors who'd love to switch to cheaper all-Linux networks but grumble about the costs of porting masses of documents to open source officeware, Linux-served networks of Windows workstations seem to be the way of the future, the near future at least.

Patrick Vicol, antivirus researcher for BitDefender Labs comments:
"This means, from a data security point of view, that in two years' time, the e-mail attachment may begin to fade into obsolescence, and with it the host of malicious applications which use it as a vector. File infector viruses look set to make a big comeback. Security should be implemented at the server level, because individual Windows workstations are much harder to secure. We've designed a product to do just that".

As the poor souls who already work at maintaining hybrid Linux/Windows networks already know, life in the orderly, security-minded world of the penguin is quite a far cry away from managing scores of windows workstations, each manned by an enthusiastic, if technically inept, cubby-dweller eager to share music, software or porn fresh off the 'Net with the buddies at work. Viruses which choose this new pathway of infection will spread like rabbits if left unchecked and the problems (and costs of recovery) can only grow bigger.

BitDefender for Samba integrates the latest version of the BitDefender multiplatform antivirus engine. This feature is particularly useful if the Linux file server is configured with Samba shared partitions that are used by network clients running other OSs (e.g. Windows).

BitDefender for Samba will feature:

  • Improved On-Access antivirus scanning
  • NEW Internal cache technology to speed-up scanning
  • NEW Web-based management interface
  • Platform-independent configuration file format
  • Real-time protection for Samba shared partitions
  • Automatic and incremental Internet update
  • High performance recursive scanning of archives (.zip, .rar, gz, .tar, etc.)
  • Heuristic detection of new viruses
  • Command-line scanner
  • BitDefender Web Installer

    Samba is an open-source implementation of the SMB/CIFS protocol which provides interoperability between Windows- and *nix-based networks. It is increasingly adopted by commercial and government users, because it is faster (2.5 times faster than Windows2003, actually) and provides lower TCO than proprietary solutions.

    BitDefender Linux solutions for Samba are available for download, evaluation, and sale on the BitDefender website or from the BitDefender local distributors. Listed price is $349, but there will be a limited special offer valid until the end of the year.