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August 2004

E5 report places BitDefender in world's top ten websites

A report by Element 5, Europe's largest online store, places BitDefender in the top ten most frequently visited sites that offer software products.

The document, aptly titled "The Software Trends of Tomorrow" also considered questions about the frequency and use of software downloads, and found out that a surprising 33% of all software purchases take place offline, while web
portals continue to drop in significance.

When prompted for comments, BitDefender Key Account Manager Oana Stanescu declared: "I think BitDefender thoroughly deserves such recognition. Moreover, the report underlines just how much of a difference committed BitDefender retail partners can make in the software market. We have known for some time that the web portals' heyday is over, so we're putting a lot of time and effort into forging new business partnerships with software retailers."