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Some 400 Million Android Users at Risk from Attacks on SIMs; Bitdefender Wipe Stopper Offers Defense

October 2012

Remote attacks could alter SIMs and shut down PUKs of most Android devices


Wipe Stopper, the Bitdefender tool that fends off remote attacks that can wipe some Android devices, will also protect against a far more widespread vulnerability that leaves phones open to attackers seeking to brick SIM cards.

Wipe Stopper, available for free on Google Play, alerts Android users to any attempts to run remote that exploit an array of recently discovered vulnerabilities to render Android phones useless by wiping them, altering SIMs or bricking PUK codes.

“An attack that could brick your SIM card can happen as simply as by randomly visiting a web site, or being redirected by a hacker who happens to be on the same network as you,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Alexandru Balan. “The quickest and sures way to protect yourself is to download Wipe Stopper.”

All unpatched Android devices are vulnerable - if you’re not certain your device is patched, you are at immediate risk, Balan noted. Google Play statistics show that approximately 2 percent of all Android devices are upgraded to the latest version.