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Mimail virus introducing new social engineering trick

August 2003

BitDefender today reports high spreading virus

BitDefender, an award-winning antivirus software producer, today reports another high spreading virus: Win32.Mimail.A@mm is an Internet worm with low damage attributes.

However, its worth a moment of our time because it seems to be propagating a lot in the wild. In fact, this is the one major threat represented by Mimail: it spreads considerably through e-mail as it applies another one of those nasty tricks we have denominated social engineering. In other words, the mass mailer arrives in an e-mail message that seems most credible to the receiver. Apparently, the e-mail sender is an administrator, warning the user on its e-mail address expiry date. Most people would regard such a message as safe virus-free content:

Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your
email address. This email address will be expiring.
Please read attachment for details.

Best regards, Administrator

Moreover, the virus executable is to be found in a .zip archive in the form of a html file, that rises no doubts or worries. Considering Mimails high degree of spreading, the conclusion is obvious: people trusted this social engineering trick and actually made the few clicks necessary to install the virus.

Whats to deduct here? Maybe that one should not trust anymore whatever messages one gets on the Internet and regards as safe. Viruses exploit every aspect of credibility in order to get into a system. BitDefender specialists have already released a free removal tool for all affected users and you may find it here.

BitDefender has updated all its antivirus solutions since August 1st 2003, to detect and stop the spreading of this new threat. BitDefender experts recommended all users to use the update feature in order to stay protected against any other new viruses.

Please visit the BitDefender Free Tools Center for more information or for antivirus free removal tools against the most dangerous viruses.

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