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Improved Security for Windows Mail Servers

September 2004

Improved Security for Windows Mail Servers

The new generation of BitDefender products for Windows Mail Servers was launched today.
The star among the new products, BitDefender for Exchange 2003, provides antivirus protection and antispam engines deeply integrated with the MS Exchange 2003 server. The product embodies the best of BitDefender technologies to create a completely clean Exchange environment. Due to the VS-API 2.5 technology, BitDefender for Exchange 2003 seamlessly integrates with the e-mail server, assuring advanced filtering of e-mail messages, without affecting server performance or e-mail traffic.

New technologies are also featured in this release, including the innovative update pushing service, antispam engines and improved antivirus engines. Update Pushing is a freshly introduced subscription service, whereby BitDefender products can be configured to initiate an update upon receipt of a specially crafted "update announcement" message from BitDefender Labs, instead of waiting until the regularly scheduled update time. This service was designed to reduce the response time in case of virus outbreaks.

Large organisations, which need centralized management of security policies, will benefit from the fact that the new server products can be managed remotely using the BitDefender Enterprise Manager.

Full technical descriptions of the products launched today can be found beyond these links:
BitDefender for MS Exchange 2003(antispam module included)
BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000(antispam module included)
BitDefender for MS Exchange 5.5
BitDefender for Windows SMTP Proxy (antispam module included)