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focusIT chooses Security-as-a-Service for AWS by Bitdefender

December 2013

Security for Virtualized Environments replaces traditional security and delivers highly rated integration with Amazon Web Services

March 13, 2013 - Bucharest, Romania and Scottsdale, Arizona - Bitdefender Enterprise, a provider of innovative security solutions, today announced that focusIT, a specialist in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the mortgage, financial services and professional services industries, has chosen Security-as-a-Service for AWS by Bitdefender. 

SaaS applications and the importance of high availability

As a consultant and provider of SaaS applications and services to the mortgage and financial industry, focusIT’s customers expect solutions to be fast, highly available, and most of all, secure.  focusIT’s task is to ensure that the company’s offerings run seamlessly and safely, and customers receive the best performance from their SaaS applications.  

Business is growing: Amazon Web Services plays a key role

As part of their operations, focusIT provides two solutions offerings to their clients: a self-hosted private cloud and an Amazon Web Services secure public cloud.  FocusIT adds, on average, 20-50 new servers per month between their two platforms. 

“Amazon Web Services affords us the ability to auto-scale our solutions – providing our customers with on-demand applications and service,” said Josh Bopp, President, focusIT. “From a security perspective we needed something in lockstep with this operational advantage. Throwing a traditional AV into AWS would mean significant headaches and a tremendous amount of work for us.  Doing that would mean trying to secure more than 1,200endpoints today, and so much more in the future.”

Security-as-a-Service by Bitdefender

“Security for Virtualized Environments, delivered as a service, provides integrated, intuitive management and automated deployment for organizations seeking enterprise level security with horizontal scalability,” said Robert Krauss, Director of Alliances, Bitdefender. “Bitdefender’s Security-as-a-Service means customers have centralized management and comprehensive visibility, making day-to-day administration of security solutions easier.  SVE also provides simple deployment of the silent agent saving significant time, management and administration costs.”

A decision made easy for securing AWS

“After some research on Amazon Web Services Marketplace, we found two vendors that appeared to offer what we needed. Bitdefender stood out for us because of their solution’s tight integration with AWS.  Security for Virtualized Environments is installed at the host level, then automatically distributes to the guests.  If we were dealing with a handful of servers, this wouldn’t matter.  But when you’re considering approximately 1200 endpoints and adding 20-50 servers monthly, a security solution that is easily deployed and auto-scales like Bitdefender means the world to a business like ours.  The offload scanning into the host machine also makes a major difference, as it means we are experiencing great efficiency and the total process is 100% seamless to our customers,” added Bopp.

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About focusIT

Established in 2002, focusIT, Inc is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and specializes in Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions for the mortgage, financial services and professional services industries, throughout the entire U.S. market.  Originally founded as a traditional network support consulting services business, focusIT transitioned into one of the nation’s first fully dedicated software as a service (SaaS) consulting firms.  focusIT recognizes the importance of cloud computing initiatives and has completely embraced this method of technology services.  focusIT solutions allow clients to flatten technology spending, keep current with hardware and software upgrades, and focus on growing their own businesses vs. running a computer network.


With approximately 25 staff, focusIT serves more than 1000 customers with an approximate end-user base of about 15,000.  focusIT is signing up 20-50 new accounts monthly and growing at an annual rate of 20-25%. 


About Bitdefender Enterprise


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