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Checkmark and TuV go to BitDefender

September 2004

New certificates for the BitDefender products

BitDefender Professional was awarded the Checkmark Level 2, Checkmark Trojan and TuV certifications.

The Checkmark Level 2 and Checkmark Trojan are awarded only to products that identify (respectively) all the viruses and trojans on the West Coast Labs' lists. The tests proved that BitDefender 8 Professional Plus can reliably identify every virus, worm and trojan known to be in the wild (ITW) at this time.

"I am elated at the results of the test. Our product passed with flying colors, and that's an extremely good sign about its future in the market, and its capabilities. We were confident about the quality of our products before, but this is welcome recognition," stated Nicolae Simon, BitDefender Product Marketing Manager.

Further details about the Checkmark certifications can be found on the Checkmark website.

The TuV test is by far more stringent, since antivirus products are not only tested for detection of ITW viruses, but are also checked against an extensive list of known legitimate applications. Even a single false negative or false positive is enough to disqualify a product.

"Only the best antivirus scanners, that fulfill each and every one of our testing criteria can receive and use the 'Proven Premium Antivirus' logo," declared Dr. Reinhold Scheffel of Tekit Consult Bonn, one of the companies that provide data security consultancy for the TuV Saarland Group.

In response, Martin Siemens, the director of the German BitDefender offices said: "We are very proud of the results, especially since the TuV certification has only been awarded to a handful of products, throughout its existence."