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Bitdefender Taps Quirky Humor of Fredo&Pid'jin Comic in Experimental Advertising Project

August 2012

Laugh-out-loud webcomic to dish out tech-savvy wisecracks under Bitdefender sponsorship

Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, has launched an experimental advertising partnership with Fredo&Pid’jin, the rapidly growing webcomic known for its witty,
often edgy, humor.

Bitdefender’s exclusive sponsorship of Fredo&Pid’jin gives the world’s leading antivirus software exclusive, long-term exposure to a growing, tech-savvy audience that already numbers 3 million worldwide.

“This partnership opts for a flexible, personal approach to advertising, unlike the traditional mass ad blitz model,” said Eugen Erhan, co-creator of Fredo&Pid’jin. "How do you make money as a publisher while maintaining creativity and full independence? We think we've found an answer that works for us."

“Bitdefender has the best antivirus software in the world precisely because we are always innovating, always seeking something better, always trying something new,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Catalin Cosoi. “Our agreement with Fredo&Pid’jin gives us a rare opportunity to drive home our message in-depth and on a sustained basis - and in the tone that we know they like and appreciate.”

The comic’s creators say giving up their traditional banner space in favor of a simple, more elegant endorsement has enhanced the reader’s experience of the site by swapping cookie-cutter banners for ads that are custom-designed in the website’s unique visual style. 


About Fredo&Pidjin® 

Fredo&Pid’jin is a weekly humor webcomic with a yearly readership of over 3 million. It was created in 2005 by Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu, and has been mentioned in Gizmodo, Mashable, TheNextWeb, The Guardian and more. The comic can be read on and new episode updates are posted on the official page.