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BitDefender Publishes Authentication Patch

August 2006

BitDefender has published a patch which solves the key authentication issue experienced by some installed BitDefender products yesterday.

A glitch in the key authentication system of BitDefender products has created issues for some BitDefender customers, who were informed that their license keys were not authentic, although, in fact, they were. The issue only affected a subset of BitDefender customers and only those should install the patch available at this location. The company is urging affected customers to install the patch at their earliest convenience.

"On behalf of BitDefender, I wish to extend my sincerest apologies to the BitDefender customers who were inconvenienced by this glitch and to ask them to please apply the patch as soon as possible. I also wish to thank all the BitDefender users who have taken the time to notify us of the issue" declared Carmen Maierean, BitDefender Product Manager.

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