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BitDefender Professional achieves CheckMark certification for 100% virus detection

August 2003

BitDefender Professional has smoothly passed all tests for Checkmark certification

BitDefenders producer, SOFTWIN, an award-winning provider of security software and services, today announces that BitDefender AntiVirus - Professional Edition has passed the test for Checkmark certification.

BitDefender AntiVirus Professional Edition has attained Anti-Virus Checkmark level 1, further proof that the product is capable of detecting all known 'in-the-wild' viruses.

"SOFTWIN has proven that its product meets this challenging global standard", stated Chris Thomas, Operations Director of West Coast Labs.

The Anti-Virus Checkmark, conducted by West Coast Labs, tests to see that the products can detect those viruses which are actually causing infections in the real world. It provides a reliable means of authenticating those products which users can consistently rely upon to provide the highest quality anti-virus solutions. All information relating to Anti Virus testing and certification can be found at

"BitDefender has developed a tradition in innovation and in obtaining most important awards in the security software industry ", said Bogdan Irina, global head of marketing and sales at BitDefender, SOFTWIN. "BitDefender AntiVirus has repeatedly been certified by the ICSA and recently received a Virus Bulletin award. Such proof of appreciation from the Checkmark certification commission is important for our existing and potential customers and demonstrates our commitment to continually develop the very best in anti-virus."

Users can easily verify that a product has a Checkmark by looking at the product box to see if it carries the Checkmark logo, by contacting West Coast Labs, or by visiting the Checkmark web site.