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BitDefender Partners with S.N. Safe&Software to Power Safe'n'Sec Security Software

December 2009

Agreement Integrates BitDefender Antivirus Engines to Provide Industry-Leading Protection

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of innovative anti-malware security solutions and S.N. Safe&Software, a multinational software development company offering new standards of protection against malware, have entered into an agreement for S.N. Safe&Software to use BitDefender's antivirus engine to power the Safe'n'Sec product line.

BitDefender's anti-malware technology provides advanced protection to users worldwide and is at the heart of BitDefender's as well as many BitDefender OEM partners' products. In reviews and demanding comparison tests, BitDefender's antivirus engine routinely scores among the best with the highest detection rates and lowest false positive rates.

"When developing our new approach to computer security, we clearly wanted to use the best possible technology to help us to provide the highest level of protection and confidence to our customers," said Michael Kalinichenko, S.N. Safe&Software's General Manager. "Partnering with BitDefender to use their anti-malware technology allows us to focus on the unique capabilities of the Safe'n'Sec product while at the same time adding the reliability and value that BitDefender's antivirus engine brings to the market."

"We are excited to have a company like S.N. Safe&Software to join our fast growing OEM and technology partner program and integrate our industry-leading anti-malware technology into their innovative security solutions said Peter Laakkonen, BitDefender's General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing. "This agreement allows us to further expand the reach of our proven technology to S.N. Safe&Software and their customers around the world."

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