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Bitdefender Mobile Security Announces End of Updates for Android 3.0

April 2017

Bitdefender to focus staffing, resources on protecting newer versions

Bitdefender, the innovative security software solutions provider, announces that the award-winning Bitdefender Mobile Security will no longer issue updates for users of the outdated Android 3.0 version starting May 18 as it seeks to focus on maximizing protection for its customers.

Bitdefender Mobile Security, which offers the world’s best protection against mobile malware without impacting battery life, is redoubling its commitment to users and will focus staffing and resourcing on Android versions newer than the six-year-old Android 3.0.

“We pride ourselves on remaining always a step ahead of malware and other threats, and we feel we can better serve our customers if we focus on that goal,” said Adriana Sandu, Product Manager for Mobile Apps. “Android 3.0 was released when mobile malware, and mobile operating systems, were still in their infancy. Our customers, who are security-conscious, are generally using newer versions of Android.”

A commitment to excellence has earned Bitdefender Mobile Security multiple awards and accolades in recent years, including a PC MAG Editor’s Choice for two years in a row and, in January, 2017, scored a perfect 6.0 points for both Protection and Usability by independent analysts from the renowned testing firm AV TEST.

Bitdefender Mobile Security delivers maximum protection and consistently prevents installation of malware and other threats without affecting device performance by tapping cloud-based threat detection and the world’s most effective security software.

Besides complete protection, Bitdefender Mobile Security comes with features such as an anti-theft module that allows users to remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to the Android device, App Lock to protect sensitive apps with a PIN code or fingerprint and Web Security to protect the users against rogue, malicious or fraudulent sites.