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BitDefender Makes Its Way into India

November 2004

Conquering the Asian markets

BitDefender successfully concluded negotiations for a distribution contract with the Indian company Micrographics. BitDefender products will thus be added to the already existing portfolio of data security solutions distributed by Micrographics through its extensive reseller network.

Micrographics was founded back in 1994 and provides software assistance and consulting services, but has also rapidly extended its offer in the field of product and service distribution. Among its clients there are local branches of several prominent multinational companies, such as Sony, Texas Instruments, Philips, Samsung, General Electric, as well as government institutions.

"The wide range and high quality of BitDefender products have been the decisive factors in our decision to enter a distribution agreement. Both our companies and the general public will greatly benefit, as BitDefender security is among the best in the business," stated Mr. Rakesh Gupta, CEO MicroGraphics India.

Our strategy targets the continuous increase of the BitDefender brand awareness on all Asian markets, after the recent entry into the Japanese market, stated Bogdan Irina, BitDefender Worldwide Marketing and Sales Manager.