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BitDefender Labs Top 10 Malware List for November Reveals Trend Toward Lower-Profile Malware

December 2007

BUCHAREST, Romania November 30, 2007 BitDefender, a global provider of award-winning antivirus software and data security solutions, announced today its Top 10 Malware List for November 2007. According to BitDefender Labs, malware packed with the NSAnti packer topped the November list with 28.62% of total detections.

The second spot on Novembers malware list is occupied by a host of trojan downloaders belonging to various "families" and detected collectively by BitDefender's B-HAVE behavioral heuristics detection engine under the name BehavesLike.Trojan.Downloader.

Other notable bits of malware on Novembers Top 10 list are The Kobcka Trojan, making another episodic appearance at number 8, and a generic detection for malware that uses the recent PDF URI exploit (generally mass mailers) at number 6. The remainder of the top ten is comprised of ancient mass mailer viruses, mostly from the Netsky family.

The trend toward lower-profile malware is apparent on BitDefenders November Top 10 list as the single most prevalent virus is Netsky.P with only 4.80 percent of total detections.

BitDefenders November 2007 Top 10 malware list includes:

1. Packer.Malware.NSAnti.J 28.62%
2. BehavesLike:Trojan.Downloader 10.67%
3. Win32.Netsky.P@mm 4.80%
4. Win32.Netsky.AA@mm 1.50%
5. Win32.NetSky.D@mm 1.47%
6. Exploit.PDF-URI.Gen 1.29%
7. Win32.Nyxem.E@mm 1.25%
8. Trojan.Kobcka.AI 0.89%
9. Win32.Netsky.C@mm 0.77%
10. Win32.Netsky.B@mm 0.75%

"The age of high-profile malware outbreaks seems to be over, said Viorel Canja, head of BitDefenders Antivirus Lab. We're entering a new period, where stealthier and much more diversified viruses are the norm, posing even greater challenges to security."

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