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Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection Receives SC Magazine Innovator Award

January 2018

Editors State Bitdefender Offers Unique Approach to Securing a Virtual System

BUCHAREST, Romania / SANTA CLARA, Calif. (January 25, 2018)— Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity technology company protecting 500 million users worldwide, was recently awarded the SC Magazine Innovator Award for its Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) technology. This new security layer is complementary to existing security tools, and offers organizations unparalleled visibility and resilience when facing sophisticated attacks.  Through monitoring memory space, which sophisticated attacks require, HVI discovers network intrusions even if no security alarms are triggered within the operating system.

When explaining the revolutionary nature of HVI, Dr. Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media said, “The key is the attack methodology, not the payload. HVI does not care what the malicious code is. It only cares that an unauthorized memory access is occurring.”

The recent SC Magazine Innovator Award is further confirmation that HVI is a groundbreaking security layer as it was also awarded Best New Technology at Orlando’s Citrix Synergy 2017 in May. Both prizes acknowledge HVI’s innovation, value, performance, reliability and usability. These industry accolades mark the fact that innovative solutions are getting validation, as traditional security technologies are ill-equipped to handle the new wave of advanced threats.

Dubbed a “transformative approach to advanced attack detection” by IDC Perspective Report, Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection was deemed a solution that brings a qualitatively new approach to protecting VDIs and virtual servers against advanced threats, through raw memory introspection directly at the hypervisor level.

"What Bitdefender has done with Hypervisor Introspection and GravityZone to protect our endpoints is simply unparalleled,” said Jeff Kater, Director of IT, Kansas Development Finance Authority, one of the first HVI customers. “It is revolutionary."

HVI is aimed at protecting virtual workloads, enabling data centers and organizations to increase the security posture of their entire infrastructure. With the ability to proactively detect and defend against new and unknown threats, HVI was able to protect virtual workloads against EternalBlue even before it became weaponized to deliver the ransomware payload. In fact, two months before the WannaCry attack took place, HVI defeated EternalBlue a priori, as the technology was specifically designed to identify and protect against these memory manipulation techniques.

“Securing virtual workloads from advanced threats requires a different way of looking at threats,” said Harish Agastya, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Bitdefender. “Bitdefender’s unique approach towards uncovering memory manipulation techniques provides data centers and organizations with the unique ability to become proactive and defend their infrastructures even when threat actors leverage unknown zero-day vulnerabilities.”

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