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Bitdefender founder Florin Talpeș: 2017’s Most Admired CEO in Romania

October 2017

Florin Talpeș, Bitdefender's CEO and founder, has been named Most Admired CEO for the second straight year by Business Magazin, Romania's most prominent business weekly.

Talpeș, who tops the list, is well known in the business environment for his 20 years building Bitdefender, which protects over 500 million users in more than 150 countries, from private individuals to employees of the world’s largest corporations.

“2017’s most admired CEO is a rating strongly linked to Bitdefender’s progress in the past 15 years, becoming the best-selling Romanian product abroad,” the magazine says. “For the past seven editions of the ‘100 most admired CEOs in Romania’ catalogue, Florin Talpes has been among the top 10. This year, he received the highest number of votes from businesses in the private sector.”

Hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs voted for Talpeș in the only project in Central and Eastern Europe that evaluates admiration for leaders.

 “If I look behind me, 16 years seem like a lifetime,” Bitdefender’s founder says. “When I created Bitdefender 16 years ago I could not have predicted how big it would be today - that 500 million users, from private individuals to employees of the world’s largest corporations would come to rely on Bitdefender technology for their security.”

In 2016, the local business community placed Talpeș first in the list of Top 100 Most Admired CEOs in Romania.