Bitdefender Enters Android Market with New Lightweight Security Product

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30 November 2011

Iron-Clad Security Meets Feather-Light Technology in Bitdefender Mobile Security


Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, is opening a new front in its war on malware and other online threats with the launch of Bitdefender Mobile Security – its first security product for the Android market.

Bitdefender Mobile Security weds in-the-cloud technology to the company’s years of experience on the front lines of the battle against e-threats. The result, crafted by Bitdefender’s veteran security team and fine-tuned with the help of more than 120,000 beta testers, is steadily updated Android security that lightens the load on both the device’s battery and operating system.

Bitdefender Mobile Security includes features such as an Application Audit that keeps a watchful eye on the permissions of installed applications, Anti-Theft that allows users to track down a lost or stolen device, and Web Security that alerts Android users to lurking threats such as phishing or malware on web pages.

“Security can be iron-clad and feather-light at the same time – Bitdefender Mobile Security proves it,” said Alexandru Balan, Bitdefender Sr. Product Manager. “The security is guaranteed by Bitdefender’s years of experience on the front lines of the war against e-threats. At the same time, our in-the-cloud technology prevents battery strain, updates continuously and takes it easy on the operating system. Mobile security is, finally, truly mobile. Android device users can now be secure without having to constantly carry around their phone chargers.”

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