Bitdefender Empowers KEY4S as Exclusive Country Partner for Faster, Better Service to Serbia

June 2014

Bitdefender, the innovative antivirus software provider, has delegated IT consultant Key4S d.o.o. as its new exclusive country partner to offer Serbian-language service and fully localized web support for Bitdefender customers and enterprises in Serbia.

The partnership is aimed at bolstering sales of Bitdefender’s leading antivirus solutions in Serbia by offering attentive pre-sales and technical support to customers and business partners as well as services fully tailored to local needs.

As an exclusive country partner, Keys4S will develop a partner network in Serbia and will market Bitdefender products and services to better familiarize IT professionals and regular customers with the award winning Bitdefender technology.

The new web site is fully localized and a local representative is now available for Serbian-speaking customers to field questions about Bitdefender’s cutting-edge solutions and offer support tailored to the Serbian market. Bitdefender’s alliance with Serbia-based Key4S will also ensure that the antivirus company can communicate more effectively with its local customer.

“Our goal is to fully introduce the revolutionary and award-winning Bitdefender products to the Serbian market,” said Miroslav Kovac, Brand Manager at Key4S d.o.o. “Bitdefender has a world-class name and world-class products, and we can give them a local edge here in Serbia.”

“We are confident in the abilities of Key4S to help Bitdefender fully realize its potential in the Serbian market,” said Maciej Dziobek. “The partnership will help us stay finely attuned to the needs of our Serbian customers and business partners and give us a further edge in a market that borders Bitdefender’s home in Romania.”

About Bitdefender®

Bitdefender is the creator of one of the world's fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified internet security software. The company is an industry pioneer, introducing and developing award-winning protection since 2001. Today, Bitdefender technology secures the digital experience of 400 million home and corporate users across the globe.

Top international testing organizations and world-renowned software reviewers acknowledge Bitdefender as a provider of the world’s most effective antimalware solutions. In January 2014, Bitdefender won top honors from
AV-TEST, becoming the first solution to win “Best Protection” and “Best Performance” simultaneously. Bitdefender has also confirmed its industry leadership status with titles including “Best Antivirus of 2014” and two Editor’s Choice awards from PCMAG, and 2013 Editor’s Choice from CNET.

For more information about Bitdefender products, visit the security press room. Bitdefender also publishes the
HOTforSecurityblog, with stories from the underworld of internet fraud, scams and malicious software.

About Key4S d.o.o

Key4S d.o.o[LC1] . is a consulting company in the field of information technology with its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. Key4S d.o.o. has emerged as a response to market needs, and as a synergy of knowledge and experience of some of the best IT professionals and business people in Serbia.