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BitDefender Antivirus offers reliable protection for over 175 million Linux mailboxes

October 2003

BitDefender, announces the launch of its Linux solutions suite...

BitDefender, an award-winning antivirus provider, announces the launch of its new generation suite - BitDefender for Mail Servers, available for most popular Linux distributions. This line of products includes four antivirus solutions for mail server protection, targeting the SME and ISP markets. The BitDefender for Mail Servers solutions are compatible with all existing mail servers and, furthermore, benefit from optimized agents for most popular Linux e-mail platforms: Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail.

This year has certainly brought a significant growth in the e-mail markets everywhere: figures indicate over 1 billion mailboxes and more than 700 million Internet users, as the budgets assigned for computer technology increase to 12% above last years level. Furthermore, we have witnessed oustanding developments in the Linux segments, as international markets signal a firm direction towards Linux solutions: more than 70% of the IT staff would choose Linux products, 25% even considering to replace Windows platforms with Linux server solutions.

In the particular circumstances created by the rising demand of viable security and antivirus protection solutions, BitDefender introduces a scalable platform for development and deployment of security solutions in Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as ISP.

As the Sobig series wreak havoc among the enterprise computer users, we decided to release a powerful weapon against any such threat. At the gateway level, the ROI is 12.2 USD to 1, meaning that, for every dollar invested in antivirus protection at server level, a company can save 12.2 USD representing the costs of virus removal, data recovery and loss of productivity due to malware attacks, stated Mircea Mitu, Product Marketing Manager. BitDefender for Mail Servers solutions integrate with the existent infrastructure without any modification of the hardware or software components, due to its seamless compatibility with the most common existing Linux distributions and mail servers. These applications offer the possibility to use dedicated agents for the most popular mail servers (SendMail, Postfix, QMail) or to employ BitDefender SMTP Proxy for any SMTP server within the companys infrastructure Mitu concluded.

BitDefender antivirus engines, certified by the most prestigious testing labs (ICSA in February 2003, Virus Bulletin 100% in June 2003 and CheckMark in August 2003) support a high level of recursive archive scanning, so the products are able to detect all viruses in the wild, from any e-mail format.

Servers administrators will be happy with the new, encrypted (SSL) connection used for the remote server management. Also, the server runs with simple user privileges, increasing the systems general security.

As well as all the other BitDefender antivirus commercial solutions, the e-mail server solutions support automatic, incremental updates, ensuring a fast and efficient reaction in virus outbreaks.

BitDefender Linux solutions start from $ 119.95 and are available for download, evaluation, and sale on the BitDefender website ( or from the BitDefender local distributors.