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Bitdefender and Adyton Systems Join Forces to Provide Unparalleled Network Protection

October 2011

NETWORK PROTECTOR, Adyton System's deep network security solution, integrates industry-leading anti-malware technology from Bitdefender.


SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – October 14 2011 –BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, today announced a partnership withAdyton Systems, a German technology company and provider of next generation firewall - NETWORK PROTECTOR.

NETWORK PROTECTOR looks deep inside the internet traffic for malware, viruses, illegitimate or classified content. It addresses all the current and future network threats holistically by thoroughly examining the traffic to the application level. NETWORK PROTECTOR integrates the Bitdefender anti-malware technology in a stream-based fashion to maintain packet order and overcome the file size limitations of legacy network security solutions. According to the June 2011 results of the test conducted by independent organization AV-Test, Bitdefender scored a perfect 100% for protection against zero-day malware attacks, detection of recent malware samples and detection of widespread malware. Bitdefender recently re-confirmed its leader status in the latest AV-Test ranking published on September 30, 2011.

"The sophistication of malware writers to hide malware in legitimate application is quickly changing the landscape. We looked at several companies and chose Bitdefender for its strong detection rates and industry reputation,” said Martin Menschner, CTO for Adyton Systems. “Bitdefender anti-malware technology easily integrated into our architecture which allowed us to integrate the stream based approach for NETWORK PROTECTOR, our next generation firewall.”

"Malware threats are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. We welcome the efforts of Adyton Systems to build the next generation network security solution that uses a high performance deep inspection engine combined with Bitdefender's StreamDefender technology to protect the networks from malware in real-time while maintaining the network performance.” said Peter Laakkonen, BitDefender’s General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing.

About Adyton Systems

Adyton Systems is a technology company located in Leipzig, Germany. NETWORK PROTECTOR redefines the next generation firewall concept. Adyton Systems has developed the novel technology of full-validation whitelisting as the core of its NETWORK PROTECTOR next generation firewall. It uses the most advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) engine available on the market for an unprecedented level of application visibility and control. NETWORK PROTECTOR is simple to set up and manage even for non-expert users and provides maximum network security.